While you may consume nutritious foods, essential minerals, juices, medications, and plenty of water to maintain good health, yet there is no guarantee that your body will absorb these vital nutrients effectively. This is where IV nutrition therapy comes in as a helpful alternative. With its fast-acting results, you can experience the benefits in as little as 45 minutes after an IV drip infusion, ensuring your body receives the nourishment it needs for a fresh start.

Everything you need is delivered directly to your bloodstream, restoring hydration and boosting your system. Fluid is absorbed quickly and efficiently with IV hydration. It is more effective than oral administration by 60%.
This is why IV nutrition therapy hospitals and treatment centers are so popular in the United States. Rather than paying for an expensive emergency room visit, we offer mobile IV therapy. We strive to restore your vitality and well-being as soon as possible while providing a comfortable and convenient experience.

Our proprietary blend of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and IV fluids is infused into the bloodstream, giving your cells rapid access to the nutrients required to look, feel, and perform at your best.

Purpose of IV Nutrition Therapy

For optimal health, we must replenish our bodies with the vital nutrients we often lose due to our inflammatory food choices, toxic environment, and stress. However, our bodies cannot function properly without these nutrients, resulting in health issues and imbalance, illness, and accelerated aging.

Our goal is to supply your body with the necessary high-quality nutrients. IV Nutrition therapy will assist you in regaining your body’s self-healing capacity, protecting you from illness while achieving optimal health, and prevent against accelerated aging based on your specific lifestyle and needs.

IV Nutrition Therapy vs. Feeding Tube – Do Both Work Equally?

IV nutrition therapy differs from feeding tubes in several ways. While both methods deliver nutrients directly into the body, feeding tubes are typically used for individuals who cannot consume food orally due to medical conditions.

IV nutrition therapy, on the other hand, is a wellness treatment designed to improve overall health, boost energy levels, and enhance athletic performance.

What are the Benefits?

Iv Nutrition therapy benefits include making you happier and healthier. Here’s how!

  • Improve Your Appearance

Allow your body to heal inside and out to achieve the desired look, from anti-aging wrinkle reduction to metabolism-boosting weight loss.

  • Feeling Better

Depending on the recipe, you can either boost your immune system, combat jet lag symptoms or support your body’s natural endorphins to reduce stress and improve your mood.

  • Better Results

IV therapy can help you with various physical benefits, including sleep regulation, athletic recovery, and weight loss.

About Our IV Nutrition Therapy Phoenix

Each IV drip treatment from Best IV Therapy AZ is specially crafted by our pharmacist and chock full of fluids, antioxidants, vitamins, medicines, and nutrients to help address several common symptoms people experience when they aren’t feeling 100%.

You’ll feel great as a result of our IV hydration therapy packages. Our best-seller is our exclusive BACK THE BLUE BAG. This all-inclusive IV package includes some of everything we offer and all your hydration needs, and we donate 10% of our profits to PTSD counseling for our First Responders.

We have a variety of IV drips available to help alleviate various symptoms and conditions such as migraines, dehydration, hangovers, and chronic pain – or you can create your own. The Basic Bag costs $199, and each add-on is only $20 (Glutathione and NAD+ are excluded).

Our IV Therapy Menu

  • Express Drips – Ideal for your lunch break, this 30-minute drip will provide you with some of the benefits of high-dose IVs without the time commitment.
  • Specialty IV Drips – These drips are designed with much higher concentrations of vitamins and nutrients to target specific issues for maximum results.
  • Intramuscular Injections – Intramuscular injections are a quick and easy way to deliver nutrients to the body to help with weight loss, energy, mood, and nutrient replenishment.
  • Hydration Plus Drips – Our Hydration Plus Drips are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that aid in recovery, wellness, anti-aging, and more, all while keeping you hydrated.
  • Hydration Drips – Hydration IV Drips are a simple blend of fluid and electrolytes to help you reclaim hydration, improve circulation, and oxygenate your cells.

What to Expect In Our IV Nutrition Therapy At Home?


IM / IV Nutrition therapy is typically divided into 15-60 minute sessions in which nutrients tailored to your specific condition are administered.
The number of sessions is variable. For conditions such as fatigue, a single session may be all that is required. Alternatively, your doctor may believe you would benefit from multiple sessions for conditions such as muscle pain or artery plaque buildup.

An IV line will be inserted into your arm at each session. You will feel a small pinch at this time. Furthermore, a person may experience minor complications during IV nutrient therapy. These symptoms may include minor tenderness around the injection site, minor vein swelling, or fatigue.
Our goal is to assist you in leading a healthier, more fulfilling life.

TYPES OF IV Nutrition Therapy Services We Provide

  • Chelation Therapy reduces the occurrence of arteriosclerosis potentially and, as a result, may be useful in preventing heart attacks, strokes, and cancers.
  • A high dose of vitamin C has a far greater effect on immune enhancement than standard oral vitamin C administration.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid boosts insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugar levels, assisting people with diabetes by repairing damaged nerves and arteries.
  • Hydrogen peroxide (H202) injections release single oxygen molecules into the cells and bloodstream. Chelation Therapy has been shown to potentially reduce the occurrence of arteriosclerosis, which may be useful in preventing heart attacks, strokes, and cancer.
  • A high intravenous dose of vitamin C has a far greater effect on immune enhancement than standard oral vitamin C administration.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid improves insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugar levels, helping people with diabetes by repairing damaged nerves and arteries. Hydrogen peroxide (H202) injections release single oxygen molecules into the cells and bloodstream.
  • A high intravenous dose of vitamin C boosts the immune system far more than standard oral vitamin C administration.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid improves insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels, assisting people with diabetes by repairing damaged nerves and arteries. Hydrogen peroxide (H202) injections release single oxygen molecules into the cells and bloodstream. Glutathione is an amino acid found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Because glutathione absorbs poorly orally, IV administration is the preferred method.
  • Myer’s Cocktail is a vitamin supplement that boosts your immune system, treats fatigue and alleviates allergies and fibromyalgia symptoms.

How Much Is Mobile IV Therapy in Arizona

Our mobile IV nutrition therapy packages with nurse or paramedic monitoring cost $199. This base package is ideal for people who require active rehydration. You can personalize your IV drip by adding vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients for $20 or more per piece (ask your provider for pricing).

You can also select one of our exclusive packages created by our pharmacist to address the symptoms you are experiencing. Our IV treatments range in price because they include vitamin, antioxidant, mineral, and electrolyte infusions to help your body restore depleted resources and relieve various conditions and symptoms.

$199 for hydration

Enjoy a solution of water, sodium chloride, and electrolytes that quickly replenish your body’s lost fluids. Hydration energizes your body, improves your mood, and replenishes your energy.

$319 for Cold & Flu Treatment

To boost your energy and replenish your immune system, our Cold and Flu solution combines saline with vitamin B complex, vitamin B12, and vitamin C. In the meantime, combining zinc, glutathione, and anti-inflammatory medications will help to alleviate your symptoms.

$219 For Immune System

The Immune package supplements your immune system with IV fluid, vitamin B complex, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and zinc. Immune’s glutathione will also aid in your recovery.

$339 for food poisoning

Our Food Poisoning kit includes vitamins and medication to treat nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Anti-inflammatory medications for headaches and fevers are also included.

$279 For Jet Lag

Are you crossing time zones? We’ll assist you in making the most of your trip. Vitamin B12 will boost your metabolism and give you more energy, while IV fluid will keep you hydrated after a long flight.

$279 for Energy & Focus

This combination of vitamins B complex, B12, C, and taurine energizes your body while improving your mood. Whether you’re feeling down due to illness, a lack of sleep, anemia, or stress, Energy and Focus will help you get back on your feet.

$359 in compensation

Sweating causes the body to lose much water during exercise. Our Recovery package will hydrate you while restoring your energy and muscle function with a high dose of magnesium. Taurine is also included in recovery to help with endurance.

​$339 Headache & Migraine

This package could be a lifesaver if you regularly suffer from migraines and headaches. IV fluids, vitamins, minerals, and medications help to alleviate inflammation, nausea, and pain.

IV Nutrition Therapy At Home!

We come to your home, hotel, office, and anywhere without any travel fee.

Call, text, or book online; we will send a nurse ASAP. Stay in bed! No driving, no waiting room, no hassle.

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